'Counterpart Cities: Climate Change and Cooperative Action in Hong Kong and Shenzhen' - Exhibition Identity (Shenzhen, 2011)

Client: Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong / Year: 2011-2012

‘Counterpart Cities: Climate Change and Cooperative Action in Hong Kong and Shenzhen’ is an exhibition curated by the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Hong Kong; the exhibition was hold in the 2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, and travel around in Hong Kong afterwards.

Our mission is to propose and design a set of visual identity for the exhibition, from graphic and exhibition identity to printed matters and website.Considering the nature of the exhibition and the visual identity of the Faculty of Architecture, we developed a special typeface to get through the whole theme.

The bespoke typeface is a fusion of interaction and dynamics, the combination of curves and lines reflects the nature of landscape and water flow, while the cohering structure of the typeface symbolizes the Hong Kong and Shenzhen as counterpart cities.


客戶:香港大學建築學院 / 年份:2011-2012








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