EXHIBITION: graphic designer Saki Ho from milkxhake participated FABRICA "MOBILE MUSEUM" in Hong Kong

"Well Spent in Japan" / Concept and photo by Saki Ho (milkxhake)

It is said that Hong Kong = genuine products, but to Hong Kong people, the authenticity of Japanese goods and services are much more powerful and attractive: we travel to, we put on, we use, we drink. Authentic makes us pay, and in return, we get receipts as a prove of trust. I collected many receipts from daily expenses during my working holiday in Tokyo which I put into a drink and a food bottle, as official record - the tracks of what I consumed, experienced and fascinated during my time in Japan. Time and youth well spent, to me, those days were more than real.


《Well Spent in Japan》是一組兩件的展品,由一個意粉瓶、高身水瓶和一大堆購物、付款收據組成,瓶子是生活的必須品,收據則記錄了每天的行動、去過的地方、參加過的活動、起居的必要開支等。是最真實的生活記錄。收據全是我在日期間,因為要請楚記錄開支而留下的,後來因為覺得有記念價值而全部存檔起來,可算是working holiday in Japan相片以外的全記錄。花了什麼、為什麼花、一目了然。





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