EXHIBITION: graphic designer Joe Kwan from milkxhake participated "NUMBERS" Exhibition with his artwork "Six degrees of separation"

"Six degrees of separation“ / Concept and photo by Joe Kwan (milkxhake)

I'm using my Facebook network as a visual presentation of "Six degrees of separation". My father once told me "networking is more important than knowledge", with no doubt with that, networking is crucial, especially in this city. “Six degrees of separation” is the idea that any two persons can be connected in six steps (6 people in between) on average, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made. It was a concept derived from the "small world experiment", by the social psychologist Stanley Milgram.


兩個完全不認識的人,只要透過六個人,就可以找出彼此的關係——這個假設,被稱為「六度分離」理論,由哈佛大學的心理學教授斯坦利·米爾格拉姆於1967年提出,又被稱為「小世界現象」。以「六度分離」為基礎,我把個人Facebook帳戶上的人際網路名單(Friend list)視覺化展現,以我的視點出發,試著探討這些朋友之間的聯繫和關係。



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